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10 Apr 1999: 1999年4月10日: オーケー、これはまったく off-subject です、しかし私は本当にこれによって楽しませられました!
Jon Gentle writes: I went to watch The Matrix (good movie, BTW), and I was watching what they were using to run thier stuff, and they had Drive A:, Drive B:, Drive C:, Drive D: etc. Me and my computer-literate friend had a laugh about it because it was using a DOS machine to run. He also said it was the first hacker-type movie that didn't use Macs.

10 Apr 1999: David McIlwraith writes: SETVER beta 6.1 is now available. No major overhauls yet, but a lot of bugs are now fixed, including stack problems, and parameter problems. Look for it soon on

10 Apr 1999: Recently on the mailing list, people have discussed having a FreeDOS GUI. While this is outside the original goal of FreeDOS (to create a free version of MS-DOS), and I wouldn't want to do anything that distracts us from reaching that goal, the idea of having a separate mailing list for a FreeDOS GUI seems to be a good idea. newsitem031.txt

10 Apr 1999: John Price writes: I have created a new mailing list for discussion of a FreeDOS GUI (Graphical User Interface). Send email to for subscription and other info about the list. If anyone wants to help administer this list, please let me know.

10 Apr 1999: Jim Hall writes: Yeah, I know ... I've been slow to release a new FreeDOS distribution. I'll be creating new packages this coming weekend, and will by finishing it up on Thursday-Friday. Expect a release sometime around the following Monday.

10 Apr 1999: A reader suggests some things for the web site. Jim Hall responds with his comments, and asks: "What other things can we do to make the web site better?" newsitem030.

10 Apr 1999: Brian E. Reifsnyder writes: Version 0.94a of fdisk is now available at This version has a minor bug fix that allows the user to create FAT32 partitions greater than 2 GB from the command line.

10 Apr 1999: A user gives a fix to initialize the printer port under Kernel build 2005. technote027.

10 Apr 1999: ror4 writes: At last, I managed to track down the cat bug -- I've uploaded a patch. (Notice that I'm starting on a numbering scheme for my patches, because my old method of keeping track of patches was making me rather confused (as to the order in which I applied them). Other patches by ror4: I just managed to get file redirections to work on DOS-C. I've submitted a patch.

10 Apr 1999: James Shanks writes: I am the founder of Micro-Port Solutions. (I wouldn't suggest going to my site just yet, I need to change a lot of things.) Anyway, I think your FreeDOS project is soo wonderful. I build computers and custom build them for people, and I put FreeDOS on one of the machines. It works wondeful! Right now as I am typing, Windows 3.1 is being installed on that machine. No Problems so far. I was also wondering if I can become a member of the FreeDOS team. I have attempted to make my own DOS but I didn't have enough support. To James and anyone else who wants to contribute to the FreeDOS Project: Welcome! You may first want to look at a short list of to-do's that we have, at

9 Apr 1999: John Price writes: I'm excited to announce the release of FreeDOS Kernel build 2006 (version 1.1.6). Again, thanx to ror4, there is a TON of changes to this version. The boot loader and SYS have been redesigned. The bootloader now contains specific information about the drive it is on, meaning that the boot loader on one disk probably will not work on another disk. The SYS command calculates the information the boot loader needs, and places it in the boot sector when it writes the boot loader. This should only be of concern to those that are writing programs to handle/create the boot sector. I have added a version command to the config.sys file until a workable setver command is finished. This command will change the version that the kernel reports. : Executable archive : Source archive : Patch from 2005-2006

9 Apr 1999: For those of you who would like to experiment with FreeDOS, but you run another OS, try VMWare. It supports both Linux, and an operating system from a start-up company in Redmond,WA.

9 Apr 1999: Interesting note on how to create multi-boot loader using Fdisk. I haven't tried this myself. technote026

9 Apr 1999: Michael Burr writes in with some advice about networking under DOS. technote025

9 Apr 1999: Brian Reifsnyder writes: I have seen a couple of people reporting problems with the fdisk program. (Current version is 0.94 and can be downloaded from If anyone finds any problems with it please do a fdisk /dump and send me the results. fdisk /dump will display a complete list of all your partitions on all your hard disks with there numeric types, and technical information. That information should help me fix the problems.

9 Apr 1999: Okay, it's not exactly FreeDOS related, but I thought some of you might find this interesting: remember the old DOOM game, by iD Software? A while ago, they released the source to the game (at least the port to Linux), and it has been ported back to DOS! With several cool improvements! Check it out.

9 Apr 1999: John Price writes: I'm excited to announce the release of FreeDOS Kernel build 2005 (version 1.1.3). Thanx to ror4, there is a TON of changes to this version. ... IPL.SYS has been eliminated. Because of this, I have completely restructured the source tree. This made creating a diff file too difficult, so I didn't bother. | Executable archive | Source archive

9 Apr 1999: Note from Jim: Yes, I know that the site has not been updated in a while. Things at work have been busy. But I'm back now.

28 Mar 1999: Note from Jim: I've updated the web mirror, so now it should be updated nightly against the web site. Before, I had to remember to update the mirror site by hand, so the sunsite mirror was always getting out of date. Now, I am running a cron job to do it automatically.
(test: if this extra note shows up on the mirror, then we know the mirror is working!)

28 Mar 1999: If you want a text-based non-network-aware HTML viewer, go to: Besides a great plain-text editor, elVIs is a text-based non-network-aware HTML browser. Though, if it's XT-ready I don't know.

27 Mar 1999: Scott F. Fortney wrote: Just wanted to drop a note regarding fdisk testing. It is going well and I have used it under MS-DOS 6.22 and FreeDOS Beta 2. technote024

27 Mar 1999: I thought this exchange on the mailing list was interesting enough to repeat here. For anyone who is working on an embedded system using FreeDOS, you may want to check this out: technote023

27 Mar 1999: It's a small thing, but it will really help in cooperative development if we could submit unified diffs with the same number of context lines. technote022

1999年3月22日: 数人の人々がメーリングリストの上に彼らが FreeDOS のためにそれら自身の this-or-that GUI デスクトップのバージョンを書きたいと手紙を書きました。 ここに私の考えがあります。 technote019 (フォローアップ: technote020)

1999年3月22日: John Priceはどのように核を最適化するべきか書きます: 私は今(今まで)しばらくの間これについて考えていました、そして私は個人的に我々が IPL.SYS を廃止する、しかしその代わりに、それの後にされる事実を利用するべきではないと思います、それは(事実上)メモリ から取り除かれます... technote018

1999年3月22日: バグの警告: Apparently, the control-c handler in the FreeDOS Shell needs work. もしあなたがシェルプロンプトにおいてコントロール - cを押すなら、シェルは終了するでしょう、そしてシステムはハングするでしょう。 私はこのサイトの上にカーネルとシェルバグを公表するのをやめるつもりです。 バグでこれらのプログラムに興味を持った人々が素晴らしいkernel bug listshell bug listを訪問するべきである (フォローアップ: バグではないカーネルは、もし Config.sys にシェル (SHELL) = ラインがないなら / Pを使っているシェルをロードするでしょう。 シェルとカーネルの行動は MS-DOS にあるようです。technote021)

1999年3月22日: 最近ニューズグループが FreeDOS についての論文を公表することに対して良い ものであるであろう mailing list の上に多くのディスカ ッションがありました。次のものが一般に多くの FreeDOS 内容を持っています: comp.os.msdos.misccomp.os.msdos.programmer, と (皆が "alt" ニューズグループにアクセスを持つわけではありません) 悲しいことに、DejaNews は のアーカイブを保持するように思われません。

1999年3月21日: ror4 は私が実際に「 ipl.sys 」の 必要を取り除いて、そしてブートセクタから全部のカーネルをロードすることができた ことを発見しました!(これはなかなかのかなりの量のディスク・スペース(13K)を救います) 興味を持っている人たちのために、私は patch をアップロードしました

1999年3月21日: This isn't in any way FreeDOS related, but the Star Wars Ep. 1 premier is due out soon (19 May 1999). But for those of you so interested, you have just enough time to order a light saber before heading out to the theatre.

1999年3月13日: The FreeDOS Beta 2.0.1 ディストリビューションは一時的に LANG ディスクシリーズを落としました。 ディストリビューションのミラーがそれらのサイトをアップデートして、そしてすぐにこのディスクシリーズを落とすように頼まれます! 我々は Beta 3 ディストリビューションで異なった LANG ディスクシリーズをリリースするでしょう。

私はおよそ1カ月の、このページの重要な FreeDOS ニュースの価値を保持しようとするでしょう。 もっと多くのニュースのために、News アーカイブを見てください。


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